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Claire is a User Experience Designer working across Cheshire and Manchester with over 10 years experience.

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No matter what sector or area you work in as a designer, you’ve undoubtedly heard how crucial your portfolio is.

Your design portfolio allows you to demonstrate not only how creative you are, but also how well you follow instructions and how effectively you can communicate…

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The Best UX Design Blogs

What qualities distinguish a blog from the rest? When it comes to such a broad topic as UX design, one of the most essential things to think about is whether you practice what you preach. …

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While I am a staunch advocate of working remotely, I see more and more companies are adopting a work from home policy. Like many, you may have been sceptical at first, or even put off by the idea. …

Travellers Making Research And Bookings


Travellers do research and make bookings. Internet today has been a huge impact to them. They can become their own travel agents in researching, planning and book vacation online. How do they particularly research travel and booking? Here are ways how they do.


UX Design is a trend today. There are a lot of websites that shows great designs. A communication between the website and the users are increasing. Designers deal with compound issues every day. They want to make a website attractive to the targeted audience.

UX design tools is…


Numerous industries fear negative reviews without understanding that they are simple to deal with and can really have a positive effect on your business.

· Reply on time

Replying on time to negative reviews demonstrates the customer that you upkeep and worth their view. It may also be…


So to begin with, a travel usability study navigation is a high priority for web developers. Sometimes a numerous of navigation is annoying to users and it would make them confused, lost and they would even wonder what they would do next.

Well, as they say, if you…


Remote usability testing is a strategy to look at how easy to utilize a lodging site is with clients who are in an alternate area. …


Today, website and online bookings plays a huge role in a traveler’s life. How do you determine a good user experience? This is just one of the questions being asked in a travel industry.

One good thing makes a great user experience is when a user is very satisfied with your online booking service and if they are happy, they will turn into a loyal customer. And you will know this when you receive a positive feedback. Positive feedback matters.

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Today, products and services evaluations have lifted deal effect from the earner to the customer, satisfying businesses who bring outstanding customer service and experience, and building life hard for those who don’t.

Travel businesses carries millions of customer judgments across travel earners all of whom distinguish the worth…

Claire Freshney

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